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Established and based in Jordan, Al Sanabel Establishment for Office Supplies has a story to be told not about its early beginnings – it is a story about how Al Sanabel created a unique corporate culture distinguished for its service mentality and costumers’ satisfaction oriented operation.
Al Sanabel, like the heads of mature wheat, has a uniformed bounty to all of its customers as each grain of service is carried out with passion, coated with sincerity and delivered with core love and respect to the end user.
The 900-square-meter building designed as showroom and stores for office equipment and stationary supplies is the Cornucopia which is tended by 15 staff members, who bend over with humility to customers’ requests and who are proud for they established strong vendor-client relationship with elite entities such as government departments, embassies, banks, big companies as well as customers from all the walks of life.
In 1996, Al Sanabel success story became the gossip of competitors in the Jordanian market because it became the leading office equipment and stationary protagonist in the literature of office supplies in Jordan due to the traits that Al Sanabel key players enjoy such as credibility, on time delivery, immediate positive response and honesty, and who also strive to maintain a competitive and fair prices.

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